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Hannibal Regional Hospital’s Woodland Center for Mental Health will close effective July 15, 2011.

“The provision of inpatient mental health services has been a clinical service we have been evaluating for the past three years,” commented John C. Grossmeier, President and CEO of Hannibal Regional Hospital and Hannibal Regional Healthcare System.  “As the Healthcare System has expanded capabilities and resources for the provision of outpatient mental health services through Hannibal Regional Medical Group, it became clear to continue to focus on developing these excellent outpatient services for the people of our region and to rely upon regional affiliations to provide necessary inpatient care.”

The fourteen patient inpatient unit has been in operation since the hospital opened its doors in 1993.  Since its opening, the recognized benefit of mental health services has continued to grow.  The need for inpatient care is, however, being replaced by ever more effective outpatient care which enables patients to remain in their homes rather than being hospitalized for treatment.  This change in demand has been a driving factor in Hannibal Regional Healthcare System’s evaluation of how best to serve and meet the needs of the region.  Hannibal Regional Hospital will continue to provide inpatient care for patients having mental health needs, but such care will not be restricted to a separate mental health unit.  Assuring the adequacy of professional staff to provide these services has been and will continue to be a priority for Hannibal Regional Hospital and Hannibal Regional Medical Group.

“Unfortunately, some team members currently employed within the Woodland Center for Mental Health will be effected by this transition,” stated Mr. Grossmeier.  “However, new positions are being implemented within the hospital and the Hannibal Regional Medical Group to care for patients and families that present with mental health-related issues.”

While, the closure of the Woodland Center for Mental Health will require operational changes within Hannibal Regional Healthcare System, ensuring the availability of mental health resources within northeast Missouri remains a priority.  Over the past year and one half, a Mental Health Coalition has been forming which consists of representatives from Hannibal Regional Healthcare System, local behavioral health agencies and law enforcement.  Leadership from the System has been actively involved and is working with agencies to formalize the structure of the coalition and establish goals and key projects to serve the needs of the region.

“From a community health perspective, we will continue to partner with local agencies to meet the demand for mental health services,” states Mr. Grossmeier.  “Our team’s goal is to provide seamless, uninterrupted care to patients and families as we work through this transition process.”

For more information regarding mental health and counseling services available through Hannibal Regional Healthcare System, visit the Hannibal Regional Medical Group website at or call (573) 629-3370.
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